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Refinancing Your Worldview

Posted on May 21, 2010

My wife and I just took advantage of the current low interest rates and refinanced our house.  A lawyer came to our home for the closing and had us sign a stack of documents.  We initialed and signed and dated for almost a half hour.  The lawyer gave us sound-bite explanations of what we were signing, but in reality I had neither the time nor knowledge to fully grasp everything to which I affixed my John Hancock.  At some point in a closing you have to take a leap of faith, embrace the whole system, and start scribbling on whatever gets put before you. As I was signing my life away, it struck me that becoming a Christian is like signing at a closing.  When you put your faith in Christ you don’t understand the entirety of Christian belief and practice, just as I didn’t comprehend all the legal lingo on my refinancing.  At your conversion you probably can’t articulate the Trinity, haven’t wrestled through God’s sovereignty and human responsibility, and maybe don’t even realize that some of your lifestyle patterns are sinful and will need to change through the Holy Spirit’s power.

But you do understand some essential things.  You understand the basic gospel: God is real, pure and majestic; you have rebelled against God and deserve his judgment; Jesus died to pay for sins and rose again; you must repent and believe in Jesus.  Like the homeowner who realizes that his current loan is a loser, you recognize the brokenness and futility of life on your own terms, and your guilt before God.  You see Jesus and, by God’s grace, find a pilot light of trust in him flickering in your soul where before there had been the darkness of unbelief and self-interest.

To extend the metaphor a little more, we might also say that you trust the lawyer sitting across from you.  You take a step of faith that the person explaining the documents is who they claim to be.  And so when you hear the gospel savingly, you also find yourself trusting the person presenting the gospel, and in turn trust the gospel itself. You believe from her life that she genuinely follows Christ.  You see the gospel shining with integrity in that person’s character and conduct, and it lends credibility to the message.

And so you sign up for the whole thing. In one moment of faith you initial all the documents, even the parts that you don’t understand.  You leap from the platform of what you do know about Christ across the chasm of what you don’t know and land on the other side of a completely new worldview.  Worldview shifts are always like this.

Over time as a Christian, you come to work through the various beliefs and practices of a Christ-follower.  You learn to go over the fine print of all you’ve already signed, and as you do your love for Christ and his truth grows more rich and reasoned.

Perhaps you already know enough to embrace Christ.  Maybe the issue isn’t more information for your head, but a change of direction for your heart.  Time to break out the pen!

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