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For the Church: How Can You Support Parachurch Ministries

Posted on March 2, 2011

Below is the second blog Pastor Jeramie has written for 9Marks Ministries. Below are the first few paragraphs. Click on the link to read the entire blog.

For months, even years, you’ve heard your pastor preach on the need for Christians to be salt and light in the world. You’ve listened to expositions of Jesus’ command to “go and make disciples of all nations” so many times you could preach it yourself. Your minister has exhorted you from Luke to emulate the Good Samaritan’s compassion for the needy, and to avoid the rich man’s callousness toward Lazarus in his poverty.

And finally, it sinks in. You step out in faith to explore compassionate gospel ministry to the homeless or international students or battered women or veterans. You even discover other Christians who are doing the same ministry. In fact, they’ve formed an organization to coordinate their work more effectively. So you join up. And then you tell your pastor the good news that at long last you’re putting his words into practice.

To your shock, he doesn’t celebrate this new venture of faith. He begins to lecture you! He talks about the dangers of parachurch organizations and the centrality of the local church.

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