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Trusting in Christ Alone

Posted on March 14, 2011

Let not the Jew boast in his Torah observance, because “no one will be declare righteous by observing the Law.” Instead let him hold fast to the Living Word, Jesus Christ, the Messiah of Israel.

Let not the Muslim think that he will attain paradise by submitting to Allah through the five pillars or Shariah Law. Instead let him call upon the one who was so much more than a prophet, and let him meet the God of love and mercy.

Let not the Buddhist or Hindu look to karma. If we really understood our sin before a holy God, no one would want to get what he deserves! Let him trade in his karma for grace, and receive from Jesus far better than he deserves.

Let not the (supposed) Christian think that because he has been baptized or catechized or attends worship services, he is necessarily a member of the new covenant. Let instead call out to Jesus, “Have mercy on me, a sinner.”

Let the liberal not feel smug about his social activism, and let the conservative not feel arrogant about his sacrificial patriotism. But let both know that only through faith in Jesus’ death and resurrection can we lay hold of true honor and glory.

Let the addict, the drunk, and the adulterer, the dead-beat, the dirt-bag and the low-life rejoice because Jesus died to wash clean even the filthiest clean. There is more grace in Jesus than sin in you!

Let the backsliding Christian come back. Let him not despair, thinking that he has exhausted Jesus’ patience. Jesus comes again and again asking, “Do you love me?” And the true Christian, even when backslidden, miraculously finds in his heart a pilot light aflame with love for Jesus.

And let the busy Christian, the active and serving Christian, not think that each hour spent in the nursery or on the church committee makes God a little more accepting. Instead let her step away from the sink with Martha and sit on the floor with Mary at the feet of Jesus.

And let us all recognize that at this moment we stand on the verge of eternity, with everlasting blessing far above us beyond our own reach, and an everlasting curse yawning beneath us. And may we put all our hope in Jesus Christ, who alone can bear us to the never-ending blessing of God’s presence.

(taken from the conclusion of Pastor Jeramie’s sermon at SSBC on 3.6.11)

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