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Dealing with Difficult Problems

Dealing With Difficult Problems
30 min. R.C. Sproul teaching videos plus discussion and application

Sunday July 13

Understanding the Will of God

How do we know the will of God for our lives?

Class Notes Summarizing Video 1

Free RC Sproul e-book on Can I Know God’s Will?

God’s Guidance: Sunday School class notes by Seth

Sunday July 20

Understanding suffering

How do we make sense of it when bad things happen?

Class notes summarizing video 2

Free RC Sproul e-book Surprised By Suffering

Lamentations Sunday School class notes by Seth

“What was that Greek word?”

The Stoics sought mental tranquility called ataraxia, literally “unmoved” or “unperturbed.”  Another word they used to describe the ideal attitude was apatheia, the absence of “pathos” or violent passion.

Sunday July 27

How to Deal With Guilt

How can I unlock the problem of unresolved guilt?

Class notes summarizing video 3

Free RC Sproul ebook: What Can I Do With My Guilt?

Here are two articles to help further with thinking about and practicing confession.

Kevin DeYoung on “Why We Need Confession of Sin” — webpage

“A Personal Liturgy Of Confession: Helps In Understanding And Enjoying God’s Forgiveness” by David Powlison — webpage

“Why stop there?”

It seemed strange that a lesson on dealing with guilt didn’t get to the cross and forgiveness.  Sproul’s strategy was to drive home the importance of genuine confession first.  The next talk will continue where this one left off.

Sunday August 3


How Can I Find God’s Forgiveness?

Class notes summarizing video 4

Free RC Sproul e-book Can I Be Sure I’m Saved?

Justification: Sunday School Class Notes by Seth

Sunday August 10

how to deal with anxiety

What can I do when worry invades and peace evades?

Class notes summarizing video 5

CCEF Resources for handling anxiety

Sunday August 17

how to deal with anger

How can God’s grace really touch my temper?

Class notes summarizing video 6

CCEF Resources for handling anger

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