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Tough Questions

Tough Questions (11 weeks)This class will equip you to engage with doubts about Christianity. We will begin with building a case, week by week, to support Christian belief. Then we will turn to defending gospel faith against some common objections. No reading is required. The main resource will be the book by Timothy Keller, The Reason for God.
with Seth Rogers in the Library

Class Plan:

Jan. 18  “The Clues of God,” Reason for God Ch. 8 (Reasons to Believe in God)

Session 1 Notes

Easy reading: A webpage with a brief summary of arguments for God’s existence

Great resource: Peter Kreeft’s 20 Arguments for God’s Existence:

Challenging reading: Lecture notes by Alvin Plantinga (which Keller cites) giving Two Dozen (or so) Theistic Arguments.   Starting at the bottom of page 5 is a nice supplement of the argument Keller calls “The Cosmic Welcome Mat.”

Jan. 25  “The Knowledge of God,” Reason Ch. 9 (How Could Morality Evolve?)

Session 2 Notes

A very clear 9 minute video explaining the moral argument for God’s existence–I wish I had watched this before our class!

Feb. 1  “The Problem of Sin,” Reason Ch. 10  (Human Need for the Gospel)

Session 3 Notes

Feb. 8  “Religion and the Gospel,” Reason Ch. 11 (The Uniqueness of the Gospel)

Session 4 Notes

Feb. 15   weather cancellation

Feb. 22  weather cancellation

Mar. 1  “The (True) Story of the Cross,” Reason Ch. 12 (The Cross Does Make Sense)

Session 5 Notes

Mar. 8  “The Reality of the Resurrection,” Reason Ch.13

Session 6 Notes

As we talked about why we think our unbelieving friends should want the resurrection to be true, we mentioned a video clip I had shown of Dr. Will Provine describing the atheistic worldview which he believes necessarily flows from an evolutionary understanding of origins.  It came from the movie Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed with Ben Stein.  You can find the clip by advancing to about minute 59 on this YouTube posting:

Mar. 15  “The Dance of God,” Reason Ch.14 (The Apologetics of Joy)

Mar. 22  “You Can’t Take the Bible Literally,” Reason for God Ch. 7

Mar. 29

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